Lisa Devine Family Photographer

Documentary family photography -
Your family, your story.

I don’t have a studio with a lovely white wall but I do have my cameras and two crazy girls of my own who I photograph daily so I know how important it is to document your children and family as they grow and develop.

My style of family photography isn’t too far removed from the way I shoot weddings. Nothing is staged or posed. My images will reflect your family just as you are, the personalities, the energy, the spirit. Whether it’s brand new babies, tantruming toddlers, crazy kids or moody teenagers (they warm up eventually) I will create a stunning gallery of images that capture a moment in time that you will treasure forever.

We meet up and hang out either at your home or in a chosen location such as a park, museum or any other place you love to go as a family and just have fun. There doesn’t need to be a big event. Sometimes making lunch, playing in the garden or just reading books can tell a lovely story and create honest images of family life.

Sessions start at £100. Contact me for further details.