We're going on a bear hunt...

We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day!

We're not scared.

When Leeanne contacted me before Christmas to take some 'unique photos of her growing family' I was over the moon. What she described she was after was everything I love about doing family portrait shoots.

Leeanne is due another little addition to the family VERY soon and asked me to photograph her little family before the baby's arrival and again after it.

So we met up for part one of the shoot, complete with Dad, Kieran, the gorgeously cute and utterly handsome rowan (aged 3) and a blooming Leeanne at Glasgow's Burrell collection.

It was whilst looking out into the woodland beyond the gallery that Rowan and his dad started looking for 'the bear'. We're going on a bear hunt is currently one of Rowan's favourite books so it was a joy to spend some time looking out into the woods for 'the bear'. I think we were all pretty relieved it was only squirrels that reside in Pollock Park, but it was worth a look!

{ m e r r y c h r i s t m a s }

Just a little post to say have a wonderful xmas peeps. I hope you have loads of fun & frolics over the festivities and santa is good to you all.

I'm taking a much needed break over the next couple of weeks where I plan to mostly have my head in a box of chocolates and my hand round a glass of bailey's but I will be posting a couple of more blog posts before big ben strikes midnight on the 31st and catapults us into 2012... so keep (a drunken!) eye out for them.

Have a good one. x

365/7 - week seventeen - sunshine of your love

This weekend has been absolutely glorious!

Everything just looks and feels different when the sun shines. Glasgow! just looks and feels different when the sun shines.

Paul and I sat in the park for hours this weekend, doing nothing. It was bliss. We people watched, had a bite to eat, Paul snoozed for a bit, I took my shoes off (I love being barefoot and feeling the grass under my feet) and took some photos...there is no other way I'd rather spend my day.

I've made a little 'sunshine soundtrack' on my iphone for my walk to work (now that the sun is shining, I've ditched the car) and started it off with one of favourite songs... this is it. enjoy.