Jill & Keir engagement - blustery Troon beach

Last Sunday morning I headed for the coast to photograph the gorgeous Jill & Keir in Keir's hometown of Troon.

Known mainly for it's golf courses, Troon is a typical west of Scotland seaside town...it has the perfect mix of golden sand and rocky coastline and you can always guarantee a good blustery wind with a little bite to give your cheeks some extra colour!

It was great spend some time with Jill & Keir to get to know them a little better and begin to get a sense of who they are and what makes them click as people. Keir gives the impression of being 'the quiet one' when you first meet him but it wasn't long before I discovered he was a natural behind the camera and took to self-directing some poses or 'bossying' as Jill called it. One thing for sure is Jill & Keir are great together and I hope that shows in my photos...

Afterwards I was well looked after with offers of tea to warm me up and Keir's mum's 'rocky road' to see me right before the journey home... I had such a great time and can't wait to photograph their big day.