Majella & Peter wed - it's a family affair!

There was thankfully a break in the howling winds and the pouring rain last Saturday, just in time for the wedding of Majella & Peter in Ardrossan - and I couldn't have been more relieved!

There may not have been any sunshine (I think the bridesmaids and flower girls fur boleros came in handy) but there was enough warmth from Majella's & Peters huge number of family and friends who attended their big day.

I didn't realise that when Majella had asked for a shot of everyone in her family, that the 37 people were only her 'immediate' family, but what can you expect with 8 brothers and sisters!

A lot of weddings I go to now friends play a huge part and make up most of the numbers but there was a real focus on family at Majella and Peter's wedding, a really mixed bunch of young and old but all part of the family.  I really liked it and it made for a very busy but fantastic day all round.

I don't think I had photographed a bride so calm and relaxed as Majella, she really appeared to just settle into the day and savour every moment, no stress, no nerves, well not that anyone could see... really impressive stuff, I'd like to know her secret!