365/7 project – reflecting on week nine - For Emma

I am yet again a little behind in my 365/7 Project. However this time a little deliberately so.

A few weeks ago, the last weekend in February to be precise, my little cousin Emma had asked me to help her out for a college unit she had to submit at the end of March. Emma studied make-up artistry at Clydebank College and was to create a couple of 'looks' not only with make-up but with styling and hair for a photo-shoot.

Emma's looks were 'natural' and 'gothic' and she had come up with some looks in her 'look book', bought all the clothes, as well as found all the locations for the shoot... all I had to do was turn up with my camera.

We spent the afternoon with Lesley who was not only on Emma's course but was the model for the day.

It was great to see Emma. Emma had lived down in the borders since she was 10 and had only moved up to Clydebank last year to do her course. She was so into her course and loved everything about it and you could tell she was really talented.

I came home from the shoot and although saying I'd get them to her in the next week or so couldn't resist going through the images as always! I was really happy with the results and emailed them over to Emma that night. Thankfully Emma was also really happy with the results and they were straight on her facebook with all her friends commenting on them.

I had said to Emma that I would post these images on my blog and credit her for the fantastic styling and make-up that she did that day. I didn't end up doing it that week... as usual things were manic.

Why am I telling you all this? Well only a week after we did the shoot, Emma passed away. 20 years of age... and she passed away in her sleep.

Her funeral was yesterday and it was lovely, a real celebration of her too short, but happy life...

I wanted to stick by what I said and with her mum's permission, I'm posting her images up on my blog. I also wanted to include some images of Emma 'in action' that I took that day.

Rest in Peace Emma.