365/7 week fourteen - fruit of the womb

Inspired by a fantastic blog that the lovely Lee (one of the first brides I ever photographed!) introduced me to and the weekly email updates I receive from the babycentre, I decided to introduce my 'bump to the blog' using what appears to be the most popular form of measuring your unborn baby....in fruit!

I've been having major dilemma's recently with my wardrobe as I start to grow out of my current clothes but I'm still not big enough to move into maternity clothes... I have a whole new appreciation for the elastic waistband!  Carolee Beckham used the fruit-o-meter to measure her bump as well as give you 'style tips' on how to dress your with your ever expanding waistline. I can tell this blog is going to come in handy in the coming months!

So according to the fruit-o-meter my tiny resident is the size of an orange. AN ORANGE!