365/7 - in a word... JUNE (wks 21, 22, 23, 24)

So yet again I'm really behind in posting up my 365/7 pics. I have been taking photos but have just not had the time to do anything with them. Like almost every month in 2011 June shaped up to be another hectic one.


We started the month still celebrating Paul's 33rd birthday. We had the family over to celebrate, made loads of food, baked some cakes and had a couple of 'shandy's', By the end of the day Paul and I were both pretty tired. Paul sat on the sofa 'resting his eyes'... i.e. falling asleep... and I took a photo. On a separate note: I love Paul's eyelashes...they curve inwards.


This weekend I was photographing a 'new age' wedding in the deepest darkest Dumfries. It was set in gorgeous woodland and the bride & groom shared their vows in a stunning roundhouse cottage. Grace & Warren discovered and chose that location because their friends, who were traditional craftsmen, had been responsible for thatching the roof of the roundhouse. It really was something pretty special.


After months of deliberation, emails back and forth to friends for ideas and recommendations and numerous times of changing our mind we've decided to go on holiday. I know I keep saying it but things really have been non-stop since January and knowing that very shortly we'll have another little person in our life to deal with which will no doubt make it even more hectic...we simply had to get away. So we decided on Barcelona. We've been twice before and love it. I can't wait for some sunshine and some time out.


This week I managed to get along to a couple of (very different) gigs. On Monday we went to see Morrissey in a great little theatre in Dunfermline (okay I was buying a snack bag of minstrels instead of a pint to see me through the gig but it was still a great gig!) and then headed to Hampden for Take That (minus a pink cowboy hat you'll be pleased to know!). Made me think I need to get back to going to more gigs and festivals... roll on T in the Park!