365/7 - week twenty seven - the simple things

God I must be getting old...a bit of a 'twee' post for week 27...and a lovely image of a flower!

This week we had a few viewers for the house so on the way home I nipped into Morrisons (other large supermarkets are available) to pick up some flowers for the hallway. I grabbed a bunch of cheap priced scented lillies and popped them in a vase.

Now I, like most women, love flowers but this week I think my appreciation for the joy they can bring has taken on a new level. Waking up every morning and opening my bedroom door to the smell of the gorgeous lillies really did brighten up my day. In fact I began to make a habit of offering to be 'the fetcher of things from the kitchen' so I could just walk past them and get a whiff... what's happening to me!

I think if I said one more time 'WOW those flowers just smell gorgeous and they were only £4 from Morrisons' Paul might have killed me. I'm hoping he has taken the hint and although the flowers lasted a full 7 days (in fact they were still making the bin smell gorgeous once I ditched them!) I'm expecting a new bunch to appear in the vase VERY soon.