Grace & Warren...woodland wedding

Back in June I ventured far into the woodlands of Dumfrieshire to photograph the wedding of Grace & Warren.

Grace and Warren's wedding is probably the most unusual wedding I've photographed to date. There were elements of tradition along with international music and dancing (Zimbabwean mbira musicians and traditional eastern European dancing), cake parades, a guest procession, children in fancy dress...all set within a beautiful mystical forest.

They had chosen the Marthrown of Mabie to get married as friends, who were traditional craftsmen, had thatched the roof of the gorgeous Celtic age roundhouse that's located there. It was set within a spot high in Mabie forest amongst a large clearing with tipis and the roundhouse as the central point... it was stunning... especially when the rain stopped!

Although the ceremony was held in the roundhouse, thanks to some 'well-timed' breaks in the cloud Grace & Warren were lucky enough to have the cake parade, cake eating! and speeches all outdoors as intended...phew!

Grace and Warren really wanted me to capture everything that was going on as much as possible, they wanted a real focus on their guests and all the effort and contributions that everyone had made for their wedding day. It meant I was one 'helluva' busy lady, but it was worth it...there was just SO much to photograph!

I love seeing how people approach their weddings so differently and make it fit who they are. Anyone else thinking of doing  things a little differently on their big day, I say go for it... then give me a call to be your photographer ;) x