Steve Gerrard workshop...part 2.

So... okay, you've probably guessed by now that I'm not the best at keeping on top of my blog posts and this post just highlights that even more I'm afraid!

Back at the end of May I headed down to Birmingham for Steve Gerrard's Wedding Photography Workshop. It was a flying visit but well worth the journey. Steve took us through how he does things, not only whilst shooting but his editing process too, as well as gave us some great tips on marketing and general business stuff. It really was good to see how other people do things and great to meet some other photographers from all over the country and share experiences.

In the afternoon we headed out with some models to take some shots. Steve took us to some derelict ground near his studio and gave us tips and guidance on working with couples. It made me realise just how much you don't 'need' the idyllic backdrop and that you really can learn to work with what you've got in terms of location.

I know that these 'urban' shots might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I hope it makes some people feel up for taking more of a risk in where they have their portrait shots taken.