{ fashion } Peaches & Diesel

A little something different... Back in March I was asked by one of my brides, Kirsty, if I would photograph some of her vintage fashion range for her new company Peaches & Diesel. Since moving in to weddings I haven't shot any fashion, something I used to absolutely love doing, so I was totally up for it.

We headed up the West End to the lovely cafe/boutique eatiBoutiquie with Kirsty, her clothes and model Debbie and spent an afternoon messing about in and around the cafe.

I'm really keen to do more fashion as I it helps me think about my wedding portraits. I love doing more stylised and quirky portraits of couples and I would really like to bring more of that into my weddings. *Hmmmm (*strokes chin) it's all food for thought.

Anyways, here are a few shots from the day...