gemma & ian • wedding

OMG! There is so much to say about this wedding I don't know where to start. I remember when Gemma and Ian emailed to ask me to photograph their wedding. I was sitting on a beach in Barcelona (supposedly on holiday but still checking my emails!) and as soon as I read what they had planned I just wanted to run up and down the beach screaming I was sooo excited! Weddings like this really get me going. There is so much to photograph, so much to take in and just so much of the couple in everything. I love that!

Due to the distance I never actually met Gemma & Ian until their day but we skyped back and forth, sharing images and Gemma & Ian showing me examples of their ideas (all from a massive scrap book of details that Gemma had created!). Gemma and Ian are stupidly creative. Oh and it helps that all their friends are too. Everything (and I mean everything!) was created by them or someone they know. It was immense!

I submitted this wedding to Annabel over at Love My Dress only last night and she couldn't wait to feature it so posted it on her blog TODAY! You can hop on over there to see what Gemma has to say about her amazing wedding. (Check it out here).

I'll warn you now you might as well put the kettle on... it's a biggie!