Emma & Sam...Stylish Islington soiree!

Everything about this wedding I loved!

From the to-die for flattering re-worked vintage wedding dress (made by friend of the bride and bridesmaid Charlotte from JUNK SHOP, Manchester), the beautiful fascinator made out of a man's tie! (also made by the talented Charlotte at JUNK SHOP), the gorgeous lace flowers that Emma made herself for her shoes the night before! the location, the weather, the people... and of course that it's the wedding of one of my best friends...every detail just made it gorgeous!

It was such an amazing day to photograph and to be part of (I was also a bridesmaid!) and it's been such a joy to photograph and to edit.

The result of the edit is definitely a post of 'less words more pictures' as I just couldn't decide which photos to post. So this is without a doubt my longest blog post to date... enjoy!


Some helpful links... {Bride's Dress & Fascinator} Redesigned by JUNK SHOP, Manchester {Venues} Islington Registry Office & Chapel Bar, Islington

365/7 - week eighteen - London Loves

London loves The way people just fall apart London loves The way you just don't stand a chance London loves The mystery of a speeding car

Okay, a bit of a theme going on with my recent post titles linking to some of my favourite songs, but would you think I was weird if I told you I often think in music lyrics and associate images with lyrics or song titles?...thought so!

Anyway this one felt apt after spending a long weekend in London town. I ♥ London (I don't need a t-shirt to declare it). I love everything about it. I lived there for just over a year and had the best time and one of the best summers I've ever had. Most of my friends still live there and I will forever associate it with sunshine and good times and this weekend didn't fail to disappoint!

I was in London to be a bridesmaid and a photographer at my best friend Emma's wedding. Paul and I spent the weekend catching up with friends, wandering around Soho, eating (mostly asian) food and enjoying the sunshine...and there was a lot of sunshine!

This photo was taken whilst we were on a boat trip to Greenwich (a great way to see the city from a different perspective). The young girl was a tourist who I assume was still caught up with Royal Wedding fever... surely there is no other reason you would wear a union-jack shirt?!